Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abe Vigoda's album Skeleton from last year was pretty great. There were moments where the band's energy and musicianship worked completely against each other and showed moments of what seemed like a song falling apart under the wieght or its own potential and then with a simple rim-shot or holler bam and we're straight back in again. Alots been said of their new sound and my lack of an ability to find the ep has been pissing me off for months now. But yeah on the strenght of this I will have to redouble my efforts - even if what I found essciting about the band now seems to be gone.

- Probably more important news - but I didn't like the look of the last post, what with their being no visuals or nothing just my random harping on about crap ..... anyway Pirate Bay news;
Regarding Friday

On friday we will get the verdict in the ongoing trial. It will not be the final decision, only the first before the losing party will appeal. It will have no real effect on anything besides setting the tone for the debate, so we hope we win of course.

Since a lot of people and press are really interested in the outcome of this part of the spectrial, we've decided to hold a small press conference on friday at 13.00 swedish time (GMT+1 / CET). It will be held on Bambuser, no-one is invited physically to participate, only digitally.

The URL for the Bambuser-stream will be posted on the front page of the site on friday some minutes before 13. If you're from the press or just interested in hearing our thoughts about the outcome, you are welcome to join the stream and chat.
It does sound ominous. I'll be trying to write up a large peice about this to set the tone/scene for friday.

- And so as all the irish festival going public sit around waiting for tonights electric picnic line-up ATP (i.e. a way better festival) are already making the first annoucements for their Nightmare Before Christmas show

and before you go scratching your heads about the Horrors inclusion read this;

- Flynn