Monday, April 27, 2009

Reacharound 27/4

---White Denim's Workout Holiday was of my favourite albums from last year. It was sharp and messy and fun and was able to mix all that with genuinely great songs. So getting the news that they've released some new material was a great way to start my monday.
download it from

--- Here's a nice article about new Vampire Weekend projects and things;

I normally hate anything that comes with all the hype that VW had attached. But their album was so completely different from the image I had in my head. They were just an average band that happened to have some really clever little hooks and could aim at just having some fun unlike say Telepathe ... or Wavves ... or insert random over-hyped under-developed project here would.

Another article about the state of the industry which got on my tits a bit. So here's two quick points to read into any fear-mongering articles;

1) 'Music' is not equatable to the music industry. They are two distinct phenomena. THe death of the industry does not mean the death of music. This seems painfully obvious considering there has only been an industry since my most tepid of revolutions - the invention of rock - when a load of white guys got together stole black music and sang revolutionary songs about having a house party and maybe getting to dance with some girl. Think about which decades produced the most art, philosophy and music - you're looking at the 20's the 60's and now. Moments of creative impulses created by social trends and - at the moment - free music. Which lets people have access to a far rounded set of influences and very cheap means of recording. Anyone equating the industry with the music in this way is placing a bias and then spouting misery.

2) This is not the death of the industry. This is the industry actually seeing whats really happening cause oh my god their billions seem to have stopped getting bigger recently. We were ripped off through-out the nineties by the c.d. and the decision to introduce the c.d. in the first place has come back to bite them in the ass. This is the industry correcting itself.

--- Mick Weaver was a session player back in the 50s and 60s. Far as I can tell he mainly playeda hammond. Why do we care? Because I recently found this track and its deadly and I've been trying to hunt down more stuff by his group Wynder K. Frog.

And just for kicks, I found this video when looking for the above Vampire Weekend video. THese guys are deadly. Their version of Grizzly Bear's The Knife is amazing.