Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Reacharound 5/5/

Still in love with Bat For Lashes.

--- Dan Deacon plays Ireland in june - I wanted to post some photos of a recent gig to get across to some people what they should expect from a Deacon show.


The review given of Bromst over at P4K was surprisingly good. It picked up on a strand thats been running throughout Deacon's discography - the idea of community. I think that its really strange that a more 'band' album, like Bromst, sounds far more insular than any of the predecessors. I was talking with Stephan from Halfset, in a failed interview, last year about this progression from introspective to more extrospective (??) music, and its a really strange subject. Halfset did it a more haphazard way by inviting in more collaborators and I spose in a much more overt wayby inviting a/v artists to interpret songs. But Deacon's sense of community extends from a showmanship, and a particular philosophy - yet with Bromst there was a tendency to put the music too firmly set in a reactive mood, by which i mean reactive to this central idea of what Deacon is, as laid out by blogs and critics and the like. Bromst is great but it's too similar in styles to Superman of the Rings for it not to make me wonder about the validity of this 'new' approach.

--- From the funnier side of indie - http://pitchfork.com/news/35244-wayne-coyne-apologizes-to-arcade-fire/

--- Todays work time playlist has involved alot of those fourtet/burial tunes. As I watch You From Afar, The Juan Maclean and some good ole The National. ohh and a lot of burial.

--- The Juan Maclean were a band that I've been seeing in a lot of 'what I'm Listening to now' posts/enbeds but not a lot has been written about them- apart from a pretty good lil review over at the Quietus. The music, and I hate having to boil down a band into cliche's but this one works - is what would come of LCD Soundsystem and The Human League having a love child. Comparisons being made to Hercules and Love Affair are purile. HLA got the DFA sound and went for a look at disco, and pulled it off in a really good way - mainly because you an't exactly claim that there was anything particularly time-specific or culturally neccesary about disco, it can be transposed into any time period - it might sound naff it might not depending on the level of cool that the band trying to pull it off have. The Juan MacLean's game plan is similar but its basing itself firmly in the same period as disco, just on a different continent - Europe. So expect Human League sounding trade offs between the male and female lead singers with familiar enough electronics going off underneath. Its good, its not ground-breaking and if you give them a chance the music does grow on you. But here's the deal, disco was fun. The Human League were far too po-faced for their own good. And the same can be said on the HLA vs Juan Maclean front.

--- And the end here's a pretty cool song from the XX, via Nialler 9;

The xx - Crystalised from Young Turks on Vimeo.

--- Jeremy Barnes from A Hawk and Hacksaw discussing modern city-planning. The Quietus do have a lot interesting wank. http://thequietus.com/articles/01602-a-hawk-and-a-hacksaw-on-the-potential-pitfalls-of-natural-building


Friday, May 1, 2009

The Reacharound 1/5/9

Cannot believe I only just saw that.

--- the big news, at least for me, this week has been the news of a fourtet/burial split 7"/collaboration. Consensus is out at the moment as to what exactly this is, well apart from damned good. Information about the project has not really been made available yet. The songs being posted definitley start off with trademark fourtet or Burial sounds - depending on the song, i.e. Moth, the second track starts off spunding very Fourtet - and then seem to develop into what would be the logical progression of both these artists. The tracks are bueatiful, they add gravitas and atmosphere to the minimal techno strands that seem to be running through both, creating blissed out instrumental peices that go well beyond the basic templates added by each artist's standard sound.

All the copies being made have been prebooked (http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/352434-01.htm) but you can use that page to stream the tracks.

Or simply use this;

and the second track;

--- Sunset Rubdown in dublin; http://thrillpier.blogspot.com/2009/04/sunset-rubdown-dublin-date.html

--- http://stereogum.com/archives/premature-evaluation/premature-evaluation-sonic-youth-the-eternal_067151.html


I'm sorry to anyone whose memories I have just ruined, but yeah thats chris cornell sounds like now. I was sitting in a pub a week or so ago and that came on. And I have told people about just how bad it is but nobody believes me, so there's the proof.

--- http://www.latfh.com/ funny.

--- Ok so I have a bone to pick with 2009. Every year the industry gets more and more claustrophobic and cooler-than-thou and it seems like in 2009 people have gone from desperate beginning of year searches for the new really great thing and just went for a load of random and occasionall truely shit bands. Wavves, Vivian Girls but by far and away the worst culprit was gaslight anthem. Wavves and Vivian Girls y'know at least they have the honesty to sound like they put more effort into their hair than their music. Gaslight Anthem is over produced faff claiming to be something more than any old random shit band you'd see slotted in between other blaring indistinct bands at your local all ages show. But at leats kids grow up and get tired off writing the same old thing over and over again. Gaslight Anthem haven't and they are loved for it, somehow? Avoid!

--- however starfucker are another band about to get alot of hype and they can really get a good tune across. Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second is a great track and so is this from their upcoming ep Jupiter